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AirWatch Email Client
AirWatch Email Client
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 17.3MB

Publisher : AirWatch

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***Recently AirWatch Agent v4.3.2.194 has been released to address an issue where in some cases users were migrated to the encrypted AirWatch Contacts and AirWatch Calendar without explicit activation by the Admin. End User's will see this as Contacts no longer being available to any native apps. If an end user was migrated to AirWatch Contacts and AirWatch Calendar in error please ensure you have updated the AirWatch Agent application to v4.3.2.194 and reapply the corresponding profile from Agent > Profiles > [Name of Profile]***
We are excited to announce the release of our new Android AirWatch Email client v1.1.0.549!
Secure, Robust Email Solution
The AirWatch Email Client was designed to offer the functionality and usability of Android’s native email client while meeting IT requirements for secure email viewing and provisioning.
- Supported by Android 4.0 devices and higher
- Require AirWatch Android MDM Agent v4.0.1010 and above or AirWatch Workspace v1.0.448 and above
- Require AirWatch 6.5 console or custom profile for previous console versions
Key Features of AirWatch Email Client v1.1
- Fully supports Exchange ActiveSync : This restricts usage to only managed email accounts
- Encryption of email messages and data : Using FIPS OpenSSL algorithm for encryption with AES 256 bit key.
- Restrict domains: blacklist and whitelist domains using color coding
- Enhanced security features
-- Password/passcode to enter the AirWatch Email Client
-- Set Restrictions like disable copy paste
-- Set attachment restrictions like disallow attachments, maximum attachment size, encrypt attachments etc.
- Ease of use - Similarity to Native Android Email client accelerates adoption rate
- Removes all email messages and attachments on enterprise wipe
- Syncs seamlessly with the Native Contacts and Calendar Apps
- Optional AirWatch Calendar and AirWatch Contacts apps to protect and encrypt sensitive data.
Instructions for Activation:
Step 1: Download and install the AirWatch Email Client on your device through the Google Play Store.
Step 2: Enroll using AirWatch MDM Agent v4.0.1010 or above
Step 3: Based on a profile sent by your IT administrator , the Airwatch Email Client will configure and prompt you for additional inputs.
Step 4: Once you complete the configuration steps as prescribed by your administrator, the AirWatch Email Client will start syncing
Step 5: You've got mail!
What’s New in this Release:
- 12/5 - Hot-fix for devices with Intel and ARM6 processors crashing when the app is opened
- Containerized contacts and calendar
--Maintains native look and feel for seamless user adoption
--Full database encryption for both AirWatch Contacts and AirWatc Calendar
- Support for AirWatch browser URL scheme
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

For more information on the AirWatch solution, please call 866.501.7705.

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