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Anime WallpaperFlat UI Style 1.1
Anime WallpaperFlat UI Style 1.1
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 643k

Publisher : OOHAPP

OS Support : Android 2.2.x or higher

  • USA
oOhApp Anime Wallpaper for your Android device offers 30,000+ high quality Japanese manga or animation wallpapers.
You can find more than 400+ kinds of anime. such as new fan anime: Attack on Titan, K-ON!, Haiyore. etc.
You also can browse popularanime photo, such as: One piece,Gintama,Naruto,Gundam SEED,Evangelion,Sword Art,Kingdom hearts,Hatsune Miku,Detective Conanetc..
very suitable for people who like cartoons and anime and cg games
UI flat design, follow the mainstream UI design to meet the needs of customers
This application transplanted from the IOS System, see more on
Application Features:
- Browse 30,000+ high quality Japanese manga or animation wallpapers and set as desktop backgrounds
- New designed user interfaces. Very smooth and ease of use. User friendly menu for navigation
- Wallpaper can be downloaded to your camera album directory or sdcard
- According to popularity and the latest uploads sorting
- Actual size preview (scroll wallpaper)
- Using the keyword search anime categories
- Wallpaper can be shared to your friends or family.
- Optional thumbnail (faster) or enlarge (high quality) mode browsing.
- Auto clear cache every one week or two week, you can setting it easily.
- Fast, stable connection.
- Best user experience with WiFi or 3g networks!

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