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Mahalife BP Check 1.0.1
Mahalife BP Check 1.0.1
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Publisher : olivetech

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Mahalife means "Great life": We make that possible by providing healthcare through mobile apps. Our apps are designed to do two things. Firstly, they provide easy access to healthcare information Secondly, each of our apps is an interactive platform for the provision of healthcare in a specialized area of medicine. Our apps enable the doctor and patient to connect with each other in a convenient, secure and timely manner.
Mahalife BPCheck:
blood pressure is a measurement of the pressure in your arteries during the active and resting phases of each heartbeat .Over 4 crore people from across the country screened under the Government's National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, cardio-vascular Diseases and stroke (NPCDCS) has revealed that 6 per cent of the population is suspected to be suffering from hypertensive. To monitor this major health issue Mahalife developed BP Check mobile app to record and keep track of all your investigations, clinical tests on a timely basis. This Android App enables the doctor and patient to connect with each other in a convenient, secure and timely manner. 
This module is for saving information on your demographics
The information from this module will be available for the doctor
All the mandatory fields are to be filled
You have to provide your Doctor’s key for you to get linked up. Your doctor cannot link until you provide the key
You can get Doctor’s key from your doctor.
BP Monitor:
This module helps you to add the test result for the test you have performed
For all the tests, reminder can be scheduled to ensure the test is performed on right time
BP test to check your blood pressure levels, enter the systolic, diastolic and pulse to get an alert on whether the user has high or low Blood pressure.
As Lipid Profiling tests is a commonly taken test,with Graphical representation you will be able to analyse the test results over a period of time
All the test results will be available for the doctor to analyse
Enables the user to enter and save their test results which can be further analyzed by graphical representation
By clicking on the Graph icon, you will be displayed with the list of tests for which the test result can be plotted on a graph
Test results of other tests like erum creatinine, glycosylated haemoglobin and fasting blood sugar values can also be stored.
Option for user to enter the medicines used.
Option for user to set reminders by checking in Reminder check box.
Option the user to add more reminders:
a. ‘+’ button beside the ‘Time’ to set reminder for another time in a day.
b. ‘+’ button should be shown 3 times, with this the user can set reminder for 4 times at once.
This module lists all the reminders set in BP check and Medication.
You can turn off/on a reminder from BP Check or Medication.
Health Calculator:
Health calculator is the module which helps you to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI),target heart rate THR).
Know Blood Pressure:
This module helps you to know about blood pressure and related factors along with tips addressing major health issues concerning BP.
Ask Your Doctor:
This module allows you to interact with your physician for any concerns that come across. Doctor on viewing the concern can respond to you on the go.
You can set the priority of the query you send to the doctor.

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