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Calendar of love Kishi 1.1.4
Calendar of love Kishi 1.1.4
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 6.5MB

Publisher : APPLYNXS

  • USA
Photo of Aino Kishi calendar application of high quality.
Aino Kishi appeared in the calendar app is dying transparent white skin! Please enjoy the shot of her sexy bikini and cute Aino slender.
Aino Kishi is SexyGirl.
Aino Kishi is HotGirl.
Aino Kishi is Very Pretty Girl.
Aino Kishi which is an sexy Adult porn star famous for Japan.
She is bold and Japanese porn movies
She charms you by bold appearance.
If her smiling face is seen, the tiredness on the 1st will also vanish.
(Ai no Kishi Aino kishi Kishiaino) Aino Kishi
February 1, 1988 Date of Birth:
Aquarius Sign:
Type AB: blood type
Size: T157cm B87cm (C cup) W57cm H83cm
Tokyo Hometown:
Feats & Hobbies: dance, painting
■ scrounge Muscat
■ Muscat and Choi!
■ Masukattsu Ebisu
~ Feature of application
◆ image viewer function
Whole picture and you will see photos of the idle TAP appear on the screen TOP. Freely expanding, shrinking, and rotation. You can enjoy from your favorite angle.
· If you want to enjoy more, you can purchase additional images.
◆ calendar sync with google calendar
• You can sync with google calendar of PC, the latest plan will be updated at any time.
◆ Enter the schedule (Weekly, day of the week, every month,) can be entered in the advanced settings, such as repeated one-shot from the schedule.

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