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Event Countdown Widget 1.1.3
Event Countdown Widget 1.1.3
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 2.5MB

Publisher : JimSoft

  • USA
Don't forget the important dates of your life! Organize your days till Christmas, your Mom's birthday Thanksgiving, Easter, your anniversary or any events that you don't want to forget. Never miss an important day again!
This is a countdown widget for your home screen to remind you of the meaningful dates in your life. It shows the number of days/hours left to a specified date.
You can add several countdown widgets to your home screen and you can easily customize them at the creation or later by tapping on them.
You need to:
- fill event title
- choose event date
After these optionally you can:
- choose time
- set title background color
- choose an icon (from the available ~140 pictures
- choose from three counting modes:
-- day (counts in days only, use event date only with 00:00)
-- hour (counts in hours only, use event date + event hour only)
-- automatic (defult in days mode -> switch to hours mode in the last day -> finally shows minutes in the last hour, use event date + time too)
- set a reminder (in hours only)
- set repeating (in days only)
You can resize the widget if you have android 4.1 version or above.* (watch the instruction video)
(* There is a resize bug in the Samsung TouchWiz launcher on Android 4.1.2! So if your layout doesn't change it's not my fault !!!)
How to install:
This is ONLY A WIDGET not a main application! You can add it by long pressing your homescreen -> then go to "Widgets" -> and choose "Event Countdown Widget".
Have fun! :)
◄◄◄ ---------- IMPORTANT!!!! ---------- ►►►
If you have any problem with the accuracy of the countdown widget, it is NOT the widget's malfunction! Either your service provider sent you a wrong date or your phone didn't syncronize the date the right way last time (there is a bug in some phone types' ROM)! In this case you should turn off the "automatic date&time" in the Date&time options menu!
This is an "under construction" beta app, so if you have any other problems or ideas please send an E-mail instead of downrating!
◄◄◄ ----------- THANK YOU! ------------- ►►►

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