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Memories of shots fart 1.2
Memories of shots fart 1.2
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 2.4MB

Publisher : 힘찬이엔터테인먼트

  • USA
Of the enormous power that brings the laugh of the herbal fart sounds.
When you want to a friend Lionel, putting framed
Drab atmosphere when you want to give a big smile to all around ~
Set up of sound *
Smaller set, depending on the model of cell phone fart sound, so I can check the settings to set the sound up to hear you fart ~ ^ ^
* Caution
Please do not use wearing earphones so as to be When using the earphones, the sound up when you check the settings to reduce the risk of hearing damage because ^ ^

1 Using the button on the Start button, stop button, control functions
2 The sound sensor.

Setting function
Sensor ON and OFF settings: 1. Feature set (sensor available)
Example): how to use the sensor to shake the mobile phone, how to put it in your pocket and use the move, such as throwing a mobile phone and how to use ...
2 Time setting (1 to 60 seconds)
How to use the button to select the desired time using the example):
3 Sound set up (the device up to the sound fart sound as big as possible can hear.)
4 Recording the actual fart sounds fart sound settings and the few music sites.
Sound provide,

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