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Authorize : Freeware

Size : 5.5MB

Publisher : Andro Village

  • USA
Nail artist designs is a program that is suitable for any lady. Get this program if you want to enjoy the beauty of nails. Nail art designs are of great importance when they come to style and beauty, as they can attract a generous amount of attention to hands.
The nail art gallery contains thousands of amazing photos and allows you to create your own personal inspiration design. It's the 21st century, your nails shouldn't look like the 90s, enjoy different art designs!
What color fit your personal style? Choose your perfect nail color – white, black, blue, yellow, red or pink. Depending on your preferences and personality, skim through the most impressive and colorful season nail art ideas– spring design, summer, autumn and winter.
Need special occasions? See our celebrity design, wedding, and valentine day. Express your creativity, style and personality with fun nail designs. For a party you can choose something thematic like animal, zebra or cartoon, flower or poker. find in the application ideas for short, long, acrylic, cute and elegant or toe nail.
The unique way to enhance the beauty of fingernail by painting decorative designs on it. There are so many things you can do. It is pretty easy and makes your nails look fabulous. Amazing art as it sounds gets to attract the attention of ladies.
- A hundreds of nail art design pictures
- You can save all pictures to sd card.
- You can set all pictures as wallpaper.
- Press menu to save or set as wallpaper.
- New designed user interfaces. Very smooth and ease of use.
- Image cache locally
- Free, and always will be free!
-Can be used in Offline mode.
Disclaimer: All logos/images/names/content are copyright of their perspective owners. All the images and Content in this app are available on public domains. This image and Contents are not endorsed by any of the perspective owners, and the images and contents are used simply for aesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended, and any request to remove one of the images/logos/names will be honored. This application is an unofficial fan based application. We always respect your creation.
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