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Pizza Recipes 1.0
Pizza Recipes 1.0
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 643.1KB

Publisher : HD wallpaper Free

  • USA
Pizza recipes If you like hot and delicious pizza than this is for your application! This app contains more than 20 pizza recipes.
You are not a real chef, unless you can make the best pizza, and the best pizza in Italy!
The program has more than 20 examples, you will learn how to make your own taste and delicious pizzas.
Homemade pizza, italian pizza, Mexican pizza, vegetarian, chicken, spicy pizza and a lot more.
Follow the recipe and learn how to make a delicious and hot pizza, for you and your loved ones. SUPRISE them, let them jealous!
Have a great time to learn and to eat.
We hope you have a good meal :)

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