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Scroller - LED & Voice 1.1
Scroller - LED & Voice 1.1
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 370.4KB

Publisher : C.P.S.

  • USA
With this Scroller, people can understand you in a noisy environment and you can give them silent messages.
It shows a scrolling text on the screen in normal mode or simulating a LED panel. The main difference with the other Scroller apps (LED or Text) is that this Scroller speaks. Other difference is that this app uses only a tiny amount of memory
This Scroller is very easy to use.
There are some buttons that you personalize with the text strings that you want. You only have to press one of this buttons and the text string will be reproduced depending on the functionality you selected.

This Scroller uses the Text-To-Speech engine of your device to pronounce the text. If your device does not have the Text-To-Speech converter this app helps you to download and install it. The default languages are: English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. Your device could support more languages.
Please, take into account that the quality of the voice does not depends on this app. It depends on the Text-To-Speech engine you have installed in your device. You can configure the voice in the settings of your device. This voice will be the same that you have in other apps that use the Text-To-Speech engine.

Scroll the Text:
It will show the text scrolling on the screen.

LED Scroller:
The text will scroll simulating a LED panel.

You can configure easily the next features:
- Resolution or the amount of LEDs (in the LED mode).
- Text size (in the normal text mode).
- Scrolling direction.
- Scrolling speed. You can change the scrolling speed sliding the finger on the screen while text is scrolling.
- Text color.
- Background color
It supports all the fonts you have installed in your device. If you can write it, this app can scroll it.
This Scroller could be very useful for people with speech disorders. User can have his most used sentences preconfigured and this Scroller can speak with only one click.
A good tool in noisy environments as bars, pubs, discos, demonstrations, concerts, parties, etc.
Use it in Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.
Your own marquee to give messages in an original way.
A ticker with your own information
A fun way to say something
It has been tested in many models of the next families of devices: Samsung Galaxy, LG Optimus, Sony Xperia, Motorola, HTC, google Nexus, Alcatel TCT, …
Enjoy it!

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