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The Story ( 1.0.1
The Story ( 1.0.1
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 16.1MB

Publisher : Spread Truth Ministries, Inc.

  • USA
The Story: How it all began and how it will never end. (
The Story app provides a beautiful, powerful, yet simple explanation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ using 4 major themes found in the Bible: Creation. The Fall. The Rescue. The Restoration. The Christian worldview is clearly communicated to those who are interested in what Christians believe and also provides an understanding of how to become a Christian through faith in the Gospel.
Learn more at to see how you and your church can use this powerful resource. Create your free account online or in the app to create a customized and trackable version of The Story to embed on your website or social network
So, how does The Story answer worldview questions?
1) Creation answers, “How did everything begin?”
2) The Fall (of Mankind) answers, “What went wrong?”
3) The Rescue (of Mankind) answers, “Is there any hope?”
4) The Restoration answers, “What will the future hold?”
App Features
• The Story booklet – Flip-through the booklet showing The Story of God

• Conversation Tool – Swipe-through slides in this tool to share the Gospel in conversation

• Scripture References – Tap/click these verses of the Bible validate what is written in the booklet

• Share Feature – Share The Story via Twitter, Facebook, and Email

• My Account / Create a Story account – Churches and individuals can create a free, custom account, allowing them to embed The Story on their website, Facebook page, blog or share via e-mail. You can then login to track and map visitors
• Videos – stream high quality videos that help explain The Story from your phone
View other resources of The Story (curriculum, training mobile web app, and etc) at The Story was developed by Spread Truth Ministries, Inc.

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