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The Mad Dumb Minion 1.0
The Mad Dumb Minion 1.0
Authorize : Freeware

Size : 8.5MB

Publisher : Mega Game Studio

  • USA
The Mad Dumb Minion: Hot Rod Daredevil Rush
Stunt devil hot shots Harry and Travis are professional showboats, but they do it all for entertainment
They've got one job to do and thats land safely every time while giving everyone in the crowd a big smile.
This game is awesome because you get to spend time sitting in the seat of these crazy dumb daredevils. The object is simple jump as many buses, cars, trucks and whatever obstacles lie in front of you to get the most response from the crowd.
Be an entertainer, stay safe and don't crash, but ride as long as you can. The further you go the more coins you'll collect and there are even some sweet power up's along the way!
Music and sounds provided in part from -- Thank You!
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