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Real Time Social Weather 1.0.1

Real Time Social Weather 1.0.1 Real Time Social Weather 1.0.1

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Real Time Social Weather 1.0.1 description:

Real time weather with a social twist: this is Metwit for Android devices!
Metwit brings forth a new concept of weather information surpassing in efficiency what weather forecasts do.
By collecting weather data in real time from both Metwit users and automatic sensors worldwide, Metwit provides a detailed, hyperlocalized, constantly updated weather map throughout the day.
The level of detail and the constant updates allow Metwit to send you advanced notifications when abrupt changes in the weather are coming your way: you will be caught in a shower no more!
With Metwit you can:
- Tag the weather wherever you are
- Browse thru a real time weather map
- Get weather alerts in a timely fashion
- Work your social skills with other users
★ People's been talking about us!
"It's like the love child of the Weather Channel and CNNs iReporter."
— Charlie Wollborg, Curve Detroit
"Crowdsourced weather updates can be more trustworthy and accurate compared to traditional weather forecasts that can be unrefined and relatively inaccurate."
— Yi Chen,
"The collective process of Metwit naturally creates opportunities for making weather more reliable, more relevant and more exciting."
— Deanna Lawrence, social media Today
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Contact us at, follow us on Facebook at, or tweet us @HowdyClowdy.

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