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skyHK Weather 1.0.3
skyHK Weather 1.0.3



Description:skyHK - The weather app for Hong Kongers.

Presenting accurate weather data provided by the Hong Kong Observatory efficiently with a new and simple design.

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skyHK - The weather app for Hong Kongers.

Presenting accurate weather data provided by the Hong Kong Observatory efficiently with a new and simple design.

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- Clean and simple user interface
- Indication of heat index with background colour
- Optimized for battery life
- Reduced mobile data usage
- Resizable home screen widgets (1 x 1, 2 x 1, 4 x 1, 5 x 1 and 5 x 2)
- Exclusive user interface for 7" and 10" tablets
- Compliance with the Android Design guidelines for better user experience


- Current weather
- Warning notifications
- 7-day forecast - Rainfall radar images
- Astronomical data
- Tropical cyclone track

How does it work?

The app retrieves weather data from the skyHK Server powered by Google App Engine whenever possible while a device is using mobile data. The skyHK Server obtains data from the Hong Kong Observatory's website and data feeds regularly, then serialize the data to reduce data size and facilitate data transfer to Android devices, in order to optimize the devices' battery life and reduce the mobile data usage. In case the server becomes unavailable, the app would obtain weather data from the Hong Kong Observatory directly instead.


Q: Does it support Android 2.3 and older versions?
A: Sorry, it supports Android 4.0 or above only.

Q: Does it support all screen sizes?
A: In general, the app could display correctly on 480 x 800 and larger screens. However, due to the wide variety of Android devices, we could not guarantee this. Please tell us if you have a problem with this.

Q: I'm concerned about my privacy.
A: No worries. We concern about protecting your privacy, too. Read our Privacy Policy Statement (http://dynappmics.blogspot.com/2013/10/skyhk-privacy-policy-statement.html) to learn more.

Q: I can't find the 5 x 1 and 5 x 2 widgets.
A: Add the 4 x 1 or 4 x 2 widget to the home screen first, long-press and then resize it to your desired width.

Q: The automatic location function does not work.
A: Please enable Google's location service in the location services section of the system settings.

Q: Why the app consumes more data when using Wi-Fi?
A: The app would obtain weather information directly from the Hong Kong Observatory instead of the skyHK Server when Wi-Fi is connected, in order to reserve server capacity for mobile data users. Also, the app downloads high-quality rainfall radar images by default if connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can change the download option for rainfall radar in Preferences.

Special thanks to the Hong Kong Observatory for authorizing the provision of weather data, and @AdamWhitcroft for creating the delicate Climacons icons set.


The information provided by DynAPPmics (“the app developer”) on the skyHK application (“the app”), including but not limited to weather information provided by the Hong Kong Observatory with authorization, is for general information only. Whilst the app developer endeavours to ensure the accuracy of this general information, no statement, representation, warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, is given as to its accuracy or appropriateness for use in any particular circumstances. The app developer accepts no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from or related to the use of such information.

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