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devicepro 2009
devicepro 2009
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Requirements : No special requirements

Publisher : cynapspro US

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OS Support : Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000

  • USA
Devicepro controls access to all external devices and data transmission methods.
Editor: Prevent data leakage by controlling access to external storage media, like thumb sticks, CDs, and external hard drives, as well as by controlling transmission mechanisms

The loss of data caused by the use of mobile storage media has been increasing strongly and steadily. Unmanaged mobile storage media, in particuar memory sticks and external hard drives that are connected through the USB port, are a threat to any Company or institution. DevicePro reliable prevents data loss or the import of malign or not authorized software by controlling access to all external devices.
Draw a line and Improve data security now with DevicePro. Do not wait to react until it is too late. Protect your network today and manage your Equipment efficiently and intuitively with DevicePro.

no one can carry out in-house data, bypassing your firewall by simply using a USB-thumb drives or an external hard disc.

no one will bring in viruses, trojans or other infections via USB-thumb drives or other external devices .

only authorized USB-thumb drives, digital cameras and storage media corresponding with company policies will be allowed.

only those employees actually entitled to do so will use external devices.

Who needs DevicePro 2009 by cynapspro?

- Companies and institutions, who want to protect their image and their business against data loss or data theft.

- Companies and institutions with innovative power in the areas of research and development, which need Protection as they are a target of data theft.

- Market leading companies with valuable customer data who don鈥檛 want to see this information in the hands of competitors.

- Institutions and public bodies, which process and store personal information have a legal obligation to protect this data. you can free download devicepro 2009 now.

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