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spyware doctor enterprise free edition 3
spyware doctor enterprise free edition 3
Authorize : Freeware Free

Requirements : No special requirements

Publisher : PC Tools

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OS Support : Windows 2003, XP, 2000

  • USA
Spyware Doctor Enterprise is designed for 10 to thousands of computers.
Editor: Spyware Doctor Enterprise is designed for organizations seeking a centrally deployed and managed solution that works in real time on a network server to Detect, remove, and continuously block malicious spyware from 10 to thousands of computers.

High scalability - Spyware Doctor Enterprise offers high scalability, providing Malware Protection from one to thousands of client computers on your Enterprise network.

Centralized management - Spyware Doctor Enterprise enables centralized management of your network protection, including installation and maintenance, threat management, monitoring, analysis and removal from a central console.

Lowered total cost of ownership - Spyware Doctor Enterprise lowers total cost of ownership by enabling real-time protection for client computers on your network and includes facilities for scheduled scans and updates to further automate protection and minimize administrator intervention.

Automatic Failover - Multiple Spyware Doctor Enterprise Servers can be assigned to a Managed Domain, which provides automatic switch over to backup Enterprise Servers should the primary Enterprise Server become unavailable due to maintenance or unexpected hardware failure.

Spyware Doctor Enterprise incorporates a flexible Wizard installer that caters for installations on common network topologies through to more advanced network setups with inbuilt redundancy and facilitated database backups.

Key features of Spyware Doctor Enterprise

* Quick and efficient setup and configuration using a Wizard installer
* An easy and intuitive Console interface, that doesnt require a dedicated IT administrator to manage
* Real-time reporting of Infected computers on the network
* Unique automated SMART Updates that update the database, functionality and features of Spyware Doctor clients
* Centralized management of automated scans, reporting and scheduling you can free download Spyware Doctor Enterprise Free Edition 3 now.

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