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cad ocx 1-0


  • Money: Freeware Free
  • Plat: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Requirements: AutoCAD, Visual Basic
  • Publisher: SkySof Software Inc.
  • website: http://www.skysof.com/
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ActiveX control for AutoCAD fray.ocx.
Editor: An ActiveX Control doing wonderful things in AutoCAD like drawing lines, circles, arcs, rectangles, 3D Spheres, 3D Cones, etc. with ease! Also, calculate the distance of a line, calculate the mid point of a line, calculate the mid point of an ARC, convert radians to degrees and vice versa, send characters to the AutoCAD command prompt, add single and multiple-line text to a drawing, add a new Layer, calculate the slope and angle of a line, switch to model and paper space, check for existence of a block, see if a block has attributes, search and replace block attributes/single-line text/multiple-line text, count/erase/Highlight/de-highlight specified number of a specified object, etc, etc. Doing each function with straight Visual Basic would require several lines of code, but with CAD.OCX only a minimal amount of code is required! Save time and money with CAD.OCX! Note: CAD.OCX only works with AutoCAD release 14 fray.ocx. mathcad

It has yet to be tested with AutoCAD 2000. CAD.OCX should be copied into the Windows Systemdirectory before using. After adding the CAD.OCX component to your Visual Basic Project(named VBCAD) Use Visual Basics Object Browser to view all the available methods.auto cad hatch you can free download CAD OCX 1.0 now.