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  • Money: Freeware Free
  • Plat: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
  • Requirements: No special requirements
  • Publisher: ASP AJAX dot ORG
  • website: http://www.aspajax.org
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ASPajax is the free Ajax framework for ASP VBScript websites.
EditBy: AJAX is an expectation of Modern websites. However many of the world best developers still code in Classic ASP - without the use of heavy web frameworks.

ASP-ajax bridges the gap - providing .Net Ajax style functionality and Update Panels to VBScript ASP.

ASP-ajax also allows you to easily call any ASP server function from JavaScript and return results without refreshing the page.

ASP-AJAX Basic Concepts
ASP functions can be called without refreshing the page using 2 new AJAX paradigms.

1. UpdatePanels - can allow any form or Link to work seamlessly without the page refreshing. UpdatePanels lead to efficient development - and encourage strong adherence to Accessibility and W3C standards.
2. LiveASP - a Remote Method Calling technology - that allows you to use any ASP function from client JavaScript - without refreshing the web page. The results from the ASP function is returned - and Session and Cookie states are kept alive. you can free download ASP Ajax 2.1 now.