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r10cipher 3-5-0
r10cipher 3-5-0
Authorize : Shareware $30.00

Requirements : No special requirements

Publisher : Arten Science

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OS Support : Windows XP, 2000, 98

  • USA
Encrypt your information for safety reasons.
Editor: R10Cipher takes text and encrypts it using up to 128 bit Blowfish encryption. This Cipher Text can then be copied into an email, saved as a file and attached to an email or just copied elsewhere and the recipient can use R10Cipher to open the file and view the encrypted contents, assuming they are in possession of the Shared Key that was used to encrypt the document in the first place. Many people do not realize that sending an email is the equivalent of sending a PostCard, its contents are easily visible. For many companies, individuals and markets this is totally unacceptable and with the potential complexity and setup issues with the Public Key Encryption systems it makes sense to encrypt using a utility such as this. After Encrypting your text you can send an email with the encrypted text in the message body just by clicking the Email button.

How do I Benefit ?

Send Encrypted Email, for example Staff Reviews
Transfer and Store Encrypted Documents, for example Financial Information
Use for Backup, Zip your files then Encrypt the Zip with R10Cipher
MOVE data with your USB Drive, no problems if misplaced
Store information and files on your Laptop (Civil Service, Take Note !)
Store Patients Records and Health Data
Archive Research Documents you can free download R10Cipher 3.5.0 now.

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