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  • ajmscout 2-4 ajmscout 2-4 Monitor your servers. Receive outage notifications and generate summary reports
  • ez pinger 1-01 ez pinger 1-01 EZ Pinger makes monitoring servers, workstations, and other networked devices eZ
  • cassini++ 1-1 cassini++ 1-1 Cassini++ is a personal web server for the .NET 3.5 framework. EditBy: Cassini++
  • admin report kit for iis 7 - (arkiis) 2-1 admin report kit for iis 7 - (arkiis) 2-1 ARKIIS is a powerful reporting tool for Microsoft IIS Administrators. Edit by :

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  • abac camera 1-1 abac camera 1-1 Using PC camera to take photos with nice backgrounds EditBy: Abac Camera helps y
  • spresent 4-0-1-18 spresent 4-0-1-18 Spresent is a free Web-based alternative to PowerPoint Editor: Spresent is a fre
  • im magician 1-0-0-176 im magician 1-0-0-176 IM Magician can provide various special image effects. BS Editor: IM Magician is
  • 1avstreamer 1-8-5-00 1avstreamer 1-8-5-00 With one click you will be broadcasting your webcam or desktop. BS Editor: With
  • homewatch facebookcam 0-0-1 homewatch facebookcam 0-0-1 Your home internet access keep you close to home while you work. Your home inter
  • vega chat-system 4-2 vega chat-system 4-2 A streaming chatserver for windows and linux. User-profiles are saved in a SQL A
  • server hunter 1-0-1 server hunter 1-0-1 Tiny win32 application for searching and monitoring servers in the Internet. Ed
  • etagfix 1-00 etagfix 1-00 Reduce the need for user clients to recache your web pages and saving bandwidth.
  • https tunnel client 2-3 https tunnel client 2-3 The Barracuda HTTPS Tunnel acts as a SOCKS, HTTP, and HTTPS proxy server. BSEdit
  • abk sitehoster 1-0 beta abk sitehoster 1-0 beta a Lightweight Extensible HTTP Network Server ABK SiteHoster is aLEHNS (a Lightwe
  • gqsearch 2-4-0 gqsearch 2-4-0 Search for video game and software pricing on the net. BSEditor: GQSearch was cr
  • quis lite 1-1-1 quis lite 1-1-1 Quis is a smart WHOIS information searching software. Edit By BS Editor: With th
  • insearch 2-2 insearch 2-2 Advanced internet searching utility that provide page inside searching. Editor:
  • whois 2-7-1 whois 2-7-1 Whois obtain domain registration information from WHOIS servers. EditBy: Whois T
  • isapi_rewrite 3-1build 50 isapi_rewrite 3-1build 50 ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful URL manipulation engine based on regular expressions
  • fugui 1-0 fugui 1-0 Wizard driven or command line interface to this user/session location tool. Edit
  • metavnc 0-6-6 metavnc 0-6-6 MetaVNC pursues a remote desktop environment BSEditor: MetaVNC pursues a Remote
  • remoteassist 1-1 remoteassist 1-1 Laplink RemoteAssist is an easy-to-use, web-based remote help solution. Edit by
  • remote desktop spy 5-20 remote desktop spy 5-20 Monitor and record PC and Internet activity in the home, school or office. Edit
  • pcanywhere hosts scanner 1-01 pcanywhere hosts scanner 1-01 Scan any range of 2 IP addresses and show the list of pcANYWHERE hosts. EditByBS

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