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Pocket Medical Spanish with Audio 1.11


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Communicate with, diagnose, and treat Spanish-speaking patients more effectively at the point of care with Pocket Medical Spanish by Epocrates, a leading provider of clinical solutions to healthcare professionals. Over 1.4 million healthcare professionals use Epocrates products worldwide.

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Over 400 visual text and audio pronunciations of key questions allow for faster, more effective communication at the point of care. Listen to the phrases to learn the subtle variations in tone and accents, or play the audio pronunciation to communicate with patients.

Practice the pronunciation at your own pace and convenience. Patient responds in "Yes-no" answers or commands. All you need to understand are "Sí," (yes) "No," (No) and "No sé" (I don't know).

Features include:

• Hundreds of helpful phrases for medical treatment and diagnosis

• Intuitive organization and index for quick navigation to the phrase you need

• Glossary for easy access to terms

• Visual tools including a pain index, color chart, calendar, and clock

• Ability to bookmark frequently used cards

• Search functionality to help you find specific terms

Content is divided into 11 sections, including:

•General Questions
•Chest Problems
•Abdominal Problems
•Nervous System Disorders
•Male Reproductive Problems
•Skin Problems

Medical phrases include:

•"Touch the part of the body that bothers you."
•"Do you have chest pain?"
•"Have you had a seizure?"

Pocket Medical French with Audio is also available from Epocrates.

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